Frequently Asked Question

Q :- What is Abacus & its Uses ?

A :- Abacus is a very popular Chinese tool used for doing Mathematical Calculations with great speed and accuracy. It's the most simple and practical way. to learn Mathematics & developing one's Brainpower. Abacus was used math’s as the base subject.

Q : - What kind of calculations can we do with Abacus/What all in Mathematics can be done using Abacus ?.

A : - All the arithmetical operations are possible on the modren day Abucas. Besides addition, subtration, multiplications and division, we can calculate the square root, cube root and even decimals on the Abacus.

Q : - Why do Children need Mental Arithmetic ?

A : - Just as for physical well-being & fitness, we need physical exercises & movement, similarly for mental well-being we need mental exercises ans a brainpower development program that can empower a complet 360 - degree brain development. Mental Arithmetic offer great advantages to make over on the Children more competent, Improved, Overall Abilities, Confident, better performers in all areas.

Q : - Can students of 14 - 18 years also develop their brainpower useing Abucas ?

A : - Abacus Mental Arithemetic is the most fantastic way of learning math in a new practical and "Learning while doing approch". At the same time deveploing mental faculties is achieved useing our Abscus based Mental Arithemetic. Learning maths is now fun through our math lab approach for perfoming routine/complex Mathematical calculations, mentally, at a great speed and accuracy in just a few seconds, without using pen, paper, calculator or any other external tool.

Q : - Why 4 - 14 years is suggested as the right age for learning Abacus ?

A : - Formation of child's brain take shape in this age as per various research papers. Human brain starts to develop at the age of 3 years and extends to 100% between the age of 5 - 14 years. At 5 years the chield has a very absorbent mind. Their mind is fresh and free from all the responsibilities and tensions of life. Therefore we believed in nourishing and absorbent mind.

Q : - It is true that Concentration skill are improved learning Abacus ?

A : - Yes absolutely; Abacus Mental Arithemetic Training includes continuous here is a good example to explain why : Working out a written - down problem on a Abacus calculation. Whene you work on addition & subtraction with 10 numbers of 2- digitseach, you have to move Abacus beads approximately 30 times and if make even one mistake, your answer is incorrect. So to get the right answer the student has to be focused and alert. This gradual and regular process build concentration. (1) Dictation :- This is also called listening Mental Arithemetic. Someone will read aloud the number and the listener will perform the calculation. (2) Observation :- The person will use the numbers thathe sees and imagines the number to be the beads on an Abacus. (3) Mental Arithemetic :- the person will dictate to himself silently and use an imaginary Abacus to perform the calculation.

Q : - Is Abacus still necessary even today with the spread of office automation machines ?

A : - there are various essential skill learnt in childhood, and calculation skill are one of them. It is the best way for children to learn how to calculate by practicing Abacus. In addition, Mental Arithemetic calculation skill are usefull for everyday life and effective for the right brain activation.