Abacus Classes In Delhi

Abacus Course

The abacus (plural abaci), also called a counting frame, is a calculating tool that was in use in Europe, China and Russia, centuries before the adoption of the written Hindu–Arabic numeral system. The exact origin of the abacus is still unknown. Today, abaci are often constructed as a bamboo frame with beads sliding on wires, but originally they were beans or stones moved in grooves in sand or on tablets of wood, stone, or metal.

Abacus is basically used to perform a certain type of calculation, which may include basic operations like addition and multiplication, or even more complex ones, such as calculating square roots.

Although today many use calculators and computers instead of abaci to calculate, abaci still remain in common use in some countries. Merchants, traders and clerks in some parts of Eastern Europe, Russia, China and Africa use abaci, and they are still used to teach arithmetic to children. Some people who are unable to use a calculator because of visual impairment may use an abacus.

Brisk kids Academy caters to children. This Brisk kids Academy is a system of education that maximizes the potential of the child's brain. We provide abacus classes in Nirman Vihar,Delhi. The process of learning abacus methodology is known as Mental Arithmetic. Working on abacus optimizes and integrates the functions of the left and the right brain during the early years. Scientific research has proved that the use of Abacus stimulates the nerves in the fingers and sends message through the neurons. This continuous process of information transfer energizes the brain.

Types of Programme

Abacus Pre-Junior:- For age 5yrs to 6yrs
Abacus Junior:- For children aged 6 to 8 years or Class 1 st to Class 3 rd
Abacus Senior:- For children aged 8yrs+ or Class 4 th onwards
Abacus has 8 levels. Each Level is completed in approximately 3 to 4 months under particular conditions with once or twice a week (two hours a week) class room coaching followed by every day practice sessions per Level.